Why did KCC flop? Part 1
Posted date: 11 Tue, Sep 2018 10:22:54 AM
Despite the presence of almost all the top stars of the Kannada film industry the second edition of the KCC was a resounding flop. Sudeep, Puneeth, Yash, Shivarajkumar, Ganesh, Upendra and the rest of the stars could not even fill a quarter of the Chinnaswami Stadium in Bengaluru. Veerendra Sehwag, Adam Gilchrist and the other retired stars were made full use of by those who managed to get a Selfie with them in the dressing room. The event like most star films was a hit even before release. The telecast rights were sold, the tickets were sold in black and there was so much noise before the screening. But the stadium was empty.  

Here are a few reasons why the KCC flopped 

1. Focus on Profit 
The second edition comes just a few months after the inaugural edition. Just because something clicked the first time does not make a sequel click just because it has a bigger budget and bigger star cast. TV telecast rights was the only focus of this edition. The publicity and participation was confined to tweets by Sudeep and a few obligatory retweets of the same by Yash, Ganesh and others. The fans were only lime junior artistes in the whole enterprise. The film was made for them but they had to pay a price for the makers to profit. Operation successful, patient not interested. 

2. Publicity Publicity Publicity 
50,000 people watch Kannada films every Friday. This goes up to 5 lakh or 10 Lakh if a big star's film releases. So how many people who watch Kannada films knew KCC was happening? Answer: 3,653.  Tieup with a particular newspaper gets you only so much mileage. Media was also involved in the tournament. Three journalists who have never been part of film journalism played the matches. It was expected that their participation will ensure publicity. As with most publicity stunts this too failed. Publicity was lacking all through. There was too much dependence on Sudeep to do the publicity. A PRO was used only to send free tickets to film journalists. Did you notice any film journalist (including those who played the matches) even tweeting, forget writing, about it.
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