Posted date: 4/December/2008

It is time to remember the song from ‘Preethse’ – Yaarittaru Yee Chukki…. Even the film ‘Gagana Cukki’ is also saying who this ‘Chukki? It’s a triangular love story set in the college campus. But it emphasizes on the importance of Life than Love. The debutant director Govindaraju with experience in the camp of Cheran, Bharathi Shanker meeting producer Nitish through music director Abhiman convinced on his subject. If at all there is a message in the cinema then only the producer wanted to take up. The result is the completion of first schedule of ‘Gaganachukki’.

The unit of the new film went to the original spot at Gaganachukki tourist spot and shot for five days and it was a testing period for all of us said producer Nitish. After taking a look at the rushes of the five days shoot he got it confirmed that he can proceed with the film. Starting the remaining portion from 10th of this month we would complete it by 31st December says promising producer. He is in to pharmaceuticals and share business in his profession.

Akul has disproved that he can deliver a serious subject too from his first schedule. In life and professional career he has been in comedy roles. In Banni, Athmeeya and Paramesha Panwala he is in comedy role.

Director Govindaraj is of the opinion that the capital invested for the film should return from his first direction. Akul, Bhavana Rao (Galipata heroine) Sanjitha are in the triangular love story. The hero is Gagan and heroine is Chukki. The incidents in this film are from real life but concept is new promises the director.

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