Posted date: 13/March/2010

The bright and talented actor Yash has taken the risk of his life by jumping from 24th floor from Golden Grand Apartment. He was tied the rope and he fell from approximately 250 feet height back ways. Except rope tied there was no other safety measure. When a stunt director like Ravi Verma handle the stunts I need not have to worry says Yash addressing the media. It is in the ultra motion camera that captured the scene. HC Venu handled the camera. I just did it praying for God and the director insist me doing it said Yash. In the previous films there was such risky shots remembered Yash.

Yes I wanted the natural feel so I said Yash doing it was important. Had he disagreed to this I would cut the scene itself said director Raghu Jaya.

Sandeep the co actor explained how he and others were tensed when Yash agreed to do the risky jump. Yash showed the clips captured in his mobile camera.

Jumping from 20 to 40 feet height is common in Kannada cinema. This one by Yash is a record indeed!

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