Posted date: 10 Sun, Mar 2019 04:23:59 PM

‘Naanenu Kurina Kolina Ashtu easy aagi mugisakke’ – I know my strength and am strong enough to protect myself. It is the media goof up that is making nuisance. I say it is a section of media that has played up his name in the ‘Star’ actor in a case filed by police. Firstly I am not that Star – then why television media is bringing my name asks Yash in an emergency media meet.

Yash in fact questioned the news source of a few television media that has utilized his name in the ‘Sketch to murder a star’. Yash has inquired with the police and the home ministry and very clearly told that it is not his name – in fact no star name is mentioned he strongly affirmed.

There is no sketch as such to kill him Yash declared in a crowded media meet. The media either should come out of gossip or just mentioned the name of the ‘Star’. In Kannada cinema there cannot be such ‘Sketch to kills a star’. We are all united.

Yash has also made an appeal to his fans to not to hurt in such a scenario. No should get hurt from messages and tweets. In case fans do such things then they are not real fans. All stars fans should not throw mud at each other he made a humble appeal as social media messages are very disappointing.

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