Posted date: 9/June/2009

Every minute of life carries with it its miraculous value, and its face of eternal youth and charm. Here is a doctor who gives appearance for those who are suffering from excess weight and obesity. You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t quit the game of life – then reach Dr.Arvind Desai, the famous liposuction and cosmetic surgery specialist in Karnataka.

For the glamour field, he is the finest person to keep you back on track in retaining your charm and your box office position in filmdom comes back after a visit. Dr. Arvind Desai has so far done nearly 200 procedures in Liposuction and Cosmetic surgery of which 20 percent are from the glamour field.
‘Keeping the names of glamour personalities is a tight secret of his trade’. It is so unfortunate that those who have become slim and trim through him attribute it to strict dieting, workout etc. Never mind as long as my profession keeps going says Dr.Arvind Desai in a special chat with this correspondent on a breezy Sunday evening at his hospital Dr P.R.Desai Hospital in Shivananda Circle, Bangalore



Excerpts of an interview:
The art of living is the art of knowing how to believe……
I agree with such statements. You have to believe to know how to live in yourself first.
You are the one who can bring back the lost charm…
That is my profession through Liposuction and Cosmetic surgery. This is done on any part of the human body to bring back slimness without losing your charm.
What is your background Dr Desai?
After completing MBBS at St.Johns Medical College in 1973, I joined Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis (bagged I rank in Bangalore Medical College).As a PG student, I was part of the team with Dr.Philip Alexander which conducted the first Cardiac Pace Maker operation in Karnataka in the year 1975-76 and won the Maha Bodhi Award from the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Devaraj Urs for the same.. After returning from training in Mumbai on Laparoscopy, joined Desai Nursing Home, that was started in 1970 by Dr.P.R.Desai. The first procedure on Megaliposuction was conducted in 2002 and since then I am the senior most Mega Liposuction expert in Karnataka.



What is your contact address?
Dr.Arvind Desai (Telephone 080 -22350019,Fax 22350021, Mobile 98440 58248) stationed at Dr.P.R.Desai Hospital, No.6 Kumarakrupa Road, Madhavnagar, Bangalore – 560 001, Karnataka, India – email desaiaravind@gmail.com
Who are your regular clientele? Do you have film people coming to you?
The obese who want to get married, glamour industry, aspiring models, air hostesses and even house wives go in for this to look nice, lose fat and shape up to look slim and trim. From all practices in reduction of weight LIPOSUCTION is the best because the most important element ‘CHARM’ is not missing from the face.
Can you guarantee that the charm will be intact?
Perhaps Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery are the only means that retain the charm on the face. In any other form like naturopathy, usual work outs, dieting,etc, there is a gradual decrease in the facial charm. Change of a millimeter on the face goes a mile in the mind.
What exactly is this Liposuction that is normally not heard of by common people?
It is surgical removal of fat deposits from the abdomen, thighs, arms etc or elsewhere especially for cosmetic purposes
What is the procedure all about?
This procedure involves putting fluid under the skin. The fluid contains ingredients which makes fat easy to remove with minimum bleeding. A small incision of .5 to 1 centimeter or less in hidden areas is made to remove the fat. In a recent operation conducted by Dr.Arvind Desai, 23 liters of fat was removed in a 10 hour procedure.



What is the highest and lowest removal you have done from your procedures?

It ranges from 1.5 liters to 23 liters.

After the procedure how long does it take to come back to normalcy?

 For all practical purposes the patient is completely normal in 2 weeks time. The patient is advised all measures to prevent infection. I insist again and again that this has to be followed. I don’t go by the weight loss in kgs. I go by the inches lost.

Normally what is the age group who come to you?
Usually between 18 to 70.The neck and face actually tell the age..

Is your hospital well equipped?

Absolutely. It has all the necessary equipment to conduct major surgical procedures.

After the operation what do you advise your patients?

Enjoy life and work out. Liposuction benefits in all ways.

What do you say to cinema people?

I can’t help you in talent but I can help you in appearance. You have talent.

I will help you in your appearance.

What should be the life style after the procedure is conducted?

Regular food but of right quality and quantity. Exercise on time is also a must.

You have been going around conducting such procedures, giving lectures and attending seminars?

I have traveled to various places and have worked with international surgeons in Lisbon. Currently, I am the Head of the Department of Cosmetic Surgery at K.J.Somaiah Medical College Hospital, Mumbai. I was the Organising Secretary of the International Congress of Cosmetic Surgery held in Goa in 2005

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