Posted date: 10/February/2009

When ‘Super Star’ Kannada film starring Upendra was launched by director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar the invitation to the muhuruth was the 100 days shield inviting the media and industry well in advance for the 100 days celebration of the film even before the first shot is stored in the camera. That was the over confidence of Nagthi and Uppi that fell like pack of cards in the box office and it was pooh-poohed.

Now in a safe and better placement Zee Kannada channel has launched ‘100 Dinagalu’ at 9.30 pm slot from Monday to Friday and of course it concludes at the telecast of 100th episode says director Kannan Parameshwaran. Getting noticed is the hall mark of all films and television programs. In such an attempt this ‘100 Dingalu’ is giving full of entertainment and some exhilarating action.

What is interesting is Anu Prabahkar the sprightly actress is playing the lady bond in this ‘100 Dinagalu’ while top notch Dwarakish, Edakallu Chandrasekhar and Mandip Rai play politicians of different parties. This is a pure entertainment an attempt is made to make the audience sit in the houses instead of spending Rs.150 on a ticket in cinema halls. There is no message, no lectures and no advises from this television serial says Kannan the director of this television serial.

According to Paramesh Gundkal the head of the fiction department in Zee TV Kannada the channel is growing stronger in its prime time from 7 to 10.30 pm. There are varieties of programs for various people in Zee TV Kannada especially from 16th of February 2009.

The big screen powerful action director Kaurava Venkatesh is directing action scenes for the first time in small screen and he is doubling his efforts in small screen.

Gururaj of Suthradara and Media House marketing and Advertising Private Limited is co producer of ‘100 Dinagalu’. Thakkali C Srinivasan, Kannan Parameshwaran and Indhu Raman have written the screenplay.

For the song of K Kalyan it is Sadhu Kokila who has tuned the music. Paramesh CM (Parmi) is the cameraman.

Dwarakish, Anu Prabhakar, Chandrasekhar, Mallika Prasad, Prithviraj, Hulivan Gangadharanaih, Hirayannaiah, Mandip Rai, Nagesh Yadav, Namitha Kulkarni, Sudesh K Rao and others are in the cast.

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