Posted date: 16/September/2010

The Chicago software Engineer Kannadiga Nandish Dhananjay with his friend in Bangalore a dental surgeon Kiran Murthy are trying their luck with a highly intelligent film maker Ashok Patil as director from ‘9 to 12’ a pack of thrills, comedy, suspense emotions.

Former deputy CM Siddaramaiah after Mylari came to this film muhurut at Kanteerava studios on Wednesday morning. He sat with the media briefing and told he is exhausted in politics and no time to come before the feature film camera.

BC Patil now in Congress I was the man behind roping in Siddaramaiah to this film muhurut of his younger brother Ashok Patil.

The film 9 to 12 is a journey of a taxi driver from Bidadi to Yelahanka. He has three hours to reach and complete his task. In his journey he faces lot of development. We are shooting 80 percent in night and twenty percent in day light in the 25 days schedule disclosed Ashok Patil who is coming back after ‘Joke Falls’ Kannada film.

The newspaper report in one of the leading dailies of a taxi driver has impressed this guy to take up this film script and sit on it for two years to add other elements of a commercial cinema. In three stages Ashok Patil narrated the film script to age group of 20 to 60 0btained marks from them and made the final version.
Whenever I take up any work I will make it pukka. Even the budget calculations, locations are ready he says.

BC Patil plays the cop again. It is according to the taste of my brother this role is sketched and nothing overboard in the role he says.

Kishore is the taxi driver. He feels there are interesting things in this film with senior actors in three hours journey in the film. From a tough cop in Huli to ordinary taxi driver this is a good leap says Kishore.

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