Posted date: 1/March/2009

It is pretty and very clear from the visit made by Chitratara.com that the arrangements for the memorable Platinum Jubilee – Amrutha Mahotsava celebration are mind blowing.

On a 160x80 stage the rehearsal heat was very exciting for the March 1 evening gala event. There are 29 varieties of cultural programs that open up soon after the inaugural event of ‘Amrutha Mahotsava’ on Sunday evening. Most of the song, dance, skits etc will be duration of 8, 6 and four minutes.

  • Shivarajakumar and Arjun Sarja dance for a unique song on ‘Shivarjuna’. Dr. Nagendra Prasad has penned the song.
  • The theme song is composed by Harikrishna
  • Legends and Memories will be a massive treat.
  • Dr.Vishnuvardhana and others will appear in an important program
  • Puneeth Rajakumar and Darshan appear for ‘Babruvahana’ song – Puneeth is Babruvahana and Darshan is Arjuna.
  • The cultural program concludes with a 45 minutes non stop song in which all the Kannada artists sing and dance.
  • There will be a program on killing piracy
  • The commercial films and art films journey from 1934 will be one more treat
  • For Dr. Rajakumar songs the young heroes dance and for Puttanna Kanagal films the same stars living today will be dance.
  • ‘Mayura’ showing his exemplary courage will be enacted by Ramkumar with Dr.Rajakumar voice. Srinivasamurthy is the king in this sequence.

Very tight security arrangement is going on right from Saturday evening at Bangalore Palace grounds. The inaugural program that starts at 5.30 pm and the cultural feast starts at 7 pm.


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