Posted date: 29/July/2010

After watching the four songs of the Kannada film ‘Appu Pappu’ by producer Soundaraya Jagadish starring his son Master Snehith and an Orangutan in the lead it was evident a child actor is here to create wonder.


The participation of Master Snehith in songs especially with an Orangutan deserves full marks for him for his courage. His father Soundaraya Jagadish proudly shows the quiet Master Snehith hugging Orangutan from his mobile phone. He has become so possessive!

Appu Pappu in the direction of Anantharaju starring Master Snehith, Orangutan, Komalkumar, Rekha, Abbas, Jennifer Kotwal, Rangayana Raghu, Madhuri, Raju Thalikote and others is set for release on Varamahalskhi day. Jaggesh voice over is also part of this film stored by the camera by S Krishna of Mungaru Male fame. Hamsalekha has scored the music and written the lyrics.

However the audio of the film ‘Appu Pappu’ was released on Wednesday evening in the presence of dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran, 100 plus comedy hero and MLC Jaggesh, hat trick director and producer now actor of Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe Prem presence as chief guests.

Here is what the speakers said at the audio release of Appu Papu at GM Rejoyz: The trio released the audio album separately and later they switched on the remote button for three songs. The fourth song was switched on by veteran actor on stage and journalist AS Murthy.

On state cameraman Krishna, co producer Prathap were also present with the other dignitaries:

DIRECTOR ANANTHARAJU– I am thrilled and happy with the guests who have come here today. Next month last week we are releasing the film. According to our perceptions everything went on well without any compromise.

SOUNDARAYA JAGADISH– Thanking the attendance of guests V Ravichadnran, Prem and Jaggesh for the audio release said there are five songs in this film with lot of variety. I hope this film will be more successful than Masth Maja Maadi.

MASTER SNEHITH– Thanks for all the big uncles who have come here today. Later at the dinner Master Snehith shook hands with everyone and requested them to have dinner without fail.

HAMSALEKHA– Sandalwood is with full of fragrance today. The last 25 years independent growth of Kannada cinema my Yajamanru V Ravichandran is responsible. He is the tonic for Samrudha and Srimantha industry today. Let us not talk about quality. For the strong base given by V Ravichandran let us all thank him. Director Prem is Utsahada Dodda chilume!

In front of V Ravichandran the real show man and today’s showman Soundarya Jagadish I am no man. In our days we did not had this type of audio release. Still we were able to sail with the Midas touch man N. Veeraswamy.

Speaking on the songs Hamsalekha admitted that he was not able to get Amitabh Bachchan for a song on Orangutan. There is a song sung on Hanuman and Sonu Nigam has also sung a song besides some of the children singing a song he said.

KOMALKUMAR – Hamsalekha Yavaga Hogalthare Thegaltharo Gottagalla! I have played the villain in this film and look good on screen for that Krishna is responsible. I am orangutan trainer. Everyone had got bonus in this film even Orangutan Judy that delivered a child recently said Komalkumar for a huge laughter.

V RAVICHANDRAN – I like the good attitude of Soundaraya Jagadish. He saw Malla and said a different version while all others said Ekagni Part II it is. Cambodia chimpanzee has come to save the Kannada industry today. I have here for Soundaraya Jagadish and laugh with Hamsalekha. I had a good laugh today.

ABBAS – Appu Pappu is a family entertainer and children especially would like to watch this movie.

JAGGESH – saying sorry for director Prem for not attending the Jogaiah muhuruth on the spot said patting our colleagues work is not happening. We do not read Kannada newspaper, talk Kannada yet say Kannadigas. Today Soundarya Jagadish has given crowned his son. After sometime we think of our children more. The Karnataka –Thande Taayi Ashirwada should come to Master Snehith.

Jaggesh remembered the one eye horse he drove, motorbike coming to his help to roll-call Rs.6000 besides Rs.10000 payment in Ranadheera a film of V Ravichandran and Hamsalekha. From Bullet motorbike I was able to sail my life for six months. But Hamsalekha showed his humanity when I came to the sets with my wife and child. In the room of actor Dileep I was given a place to live – Jaggesh recalled his long time association.

Today let anyone make record but they are not equal to V Ravichandran. Jana Neevu Yaranne Kai Bitru V Ravichandran avaranna Kai Bidabedi.

Using the occasion properly Jaggesh also called upon both Hamsalekha and V Ravichandran to join again. This is my Prarthane he said.

At the cocktail dinner Soundarya Jagadish made wonderful arrangements to treat the guests who had come to the audio release function.


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