Posted date: 31/May/2010

The 100 days of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ was celebrated by the fans of Dr Vishnuvardhana in so many ways despite of hot sun shine in the morning and good rain in Bangalore in the evening. Shringara Shilpi Dr Vishnuvardhana Fan’s association a chariot festival starting from Mahalakshmi Layout reached the Prasanna theatre where cultural evening has been organized outside the theatre.

The 100 days of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ the 200th film of Dr Vishnuvardhana was expected but what was not expected was his demise. Millions of people still go sober and collect tears in their eyes with Dr Vishnu passing away.

However the chariot with motor fitted left Mahalakshmi Layout in Bangalore. It is at this place Dr Vishnuvardhana was offering ‘Milk Abisekha’ to single piece lord Hanuman!

The procession with hundreds of fans took off after flag hosting made by Anirudh actor and son in law in the presence of MLA Narendra Babu. Srinagar Kitty also joined the event.

There was a Mantap atop the vehicle decorated with flower and on two sides and inside the mantap Dr Vishnuvardhana photos were placed.

‘Yajamana’ Vishnu Abhimanigala Sangha is putting up a huge garland on 30th May at 3 pm for the poster at Narthaki theatre conducting ‘Milk Abhisekha’ (pouring milk on the cut out), bursting crackers and distributing sweets. Karynamayi Vishnuvardhana Abhimanigala Sangha is decorating the poster of Dr Vishnuvardhana at Prasanna theatre and distributing sweets for 4.30 pm show. Samrat Dr Vishnu Team has organized mass feeding (Anna dhana) at Prasanna theatre premises at 1 pm, Indian Vishnu Fans association on 30th is conducting silent meeting.

Udaya Ravi Films ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ producer Krishna Prajwal has released full page advertisements in the newspapers and thanked people of Karnataka, film industry, media for great support extended to the film.

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