Posted date: 21/August/2009

The No.1 comedy actor of Kannada cinema turned hero from ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi’ Komalkumar (he tried in 1992 to become a hero but he had to land up for paltry roles for eight years) is brimming with happiness for the completion of 50 days. At this merry occasion Komalkumar announced in an exclusive chat that he has signed four films as hero.

One is taken up by director Guruprasad, the second one is titled ‘Nandish’, third one is ‘Mathe Masth Maja Maadi’ and the fourth one is untitled.

Komalkumar agrees that he has overspent for the film as he had to come back to ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ shoot. In case he continued the shoot for one day in Bangkok he would have saved Rs.70 lakhs recalls the cameraman Ashok Kashyap. Komalkumar had promised his call sheet to Dr.Vishnuvardhana cinema in the direction of P Vasu. He came down to Bangalore and again looked for different location that cost him heavily.

Komalkumar invited everyone connected to the film ‘CCU” except the heroine Nidhi Subbaiah. In an interview Nidhi had taken publicity by saying she was not given towels at the shooting time. ‘Anthavarige Nanna Dodda Namaskara’. I do not belong to such culture is only what I can say Komalkumar expressed out of displeasure.

No worried about such expenses Komalkumar’s brother in law producer of ‘CKCU’ is happy to take up another film.


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