Posted date: 7/May/2009

The yesteryears ‘Cellular’ English film is the inspiration for Kannada celluloid! Even before the producer T Janardhan came to the press briefing the debutant director Yuvi – Yuvaraj alias Antony explained it. Soon after Janardhan came he said the film ‘Idhu Chakravyuha’ is a straight subject film. That was the fumble No.1 of the morning.

The fumble No 2 of the morning was when Janardhan was not aware of the one of the two heroines Sandhya who was sitting with the crew of the film before the media people. I am with lot of tension and another heroine Barkha is caught in the traffic so I did not see her said confused Janardhan.

The major portions – developments take place in the second half and there is enough of comedy said Janardhan while Antony alias Yuvi the director was looking perplexed.

Based on the ‘Cellular’ English cinema the film is adjusted to Kannada standards. A major mistake happens from the police department and that is captured in the camera. The police go in search of it. They had to do chase and kidnap the family of Shashukumar, Sudharani and baby Nidhi. In comes the hero Dharma Keerthiraj to solve the kidnap drama!

I have three varieties in this jolly going first half film said Dharma Keerthiraj. He has three lovely songs too in this film that has cinematography by Ananda Prabhu.

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