Posted date: 6/May/2009

Priyadarshini alias Shruthi the 100 plus Kannada film actress has decided to break the ‘Ghatti Mela’ – a film she had acted with her husband S.Mahender. Shruthi who is the Chairperson of Women and Child Development Board of Karnataka failed to resurrect her family is disgusting information for the Kannada cinema industry. Both have a girl child. The reasons quoted in the application No.1823/2009 filed on Tuesday afternoon are many. Not allotting time, financial difficulty, not caring to the child etc are the alleged remarks made by Shruthi on her husband S.Mahender.

Apparently both Shruthi and Mahender belong to Bharatiya Janata Party. For this month LS elections and prior to it for the by election to the State Assembly both went together to canvas for the party they belong.

Actress Shruthi inquiring in the morning at the Family Court came in the afternoon to apply for the divorce with her husband S.Mahender who is a renowned director of Kannada cinema.

As a matter of fact the adolescent Shruthi liked Kollegal resident S.Mahender when he used to come to the theatre to watch plays. The first meeting was while tearing the ticket. Shruthi’s father Krishna with Radha and Rukmini theatre group staging plays in Kollegal surroundings. Shruthi who was Priyadarshini was ticket collector at the entry of theatre. That’s how she met Mahendra who is from a very ordinary family.

It was in 1998 at Sujatha Kalyana Mantapa (next to Gopal Theatre in Yeshwanthpur) the reception of tightly kept secret love marriage of Shruthi and Mahender came out in front of the dignitaries.

The last film Shruthi played ‘Akka’ in ‘Akka Thangi’ in the direction of director S.Mahender.

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