Posted date: 3/May/2009

History is written in the Kannada film pages! For the first time the Regional Censor has disagreed to approve the title ‘Hodi Magaa’ after giving cuts and ‘A’ certificate and the producer and director ‘Hodi Magaa’ not ready for the change in the title has now moved to the superior committee for the same title to the film.

The revising committee of the censor board is watching ‘Hodi Magaa’ on Monday and arriving at a conclusion it is learnt. Meanwhile after the arrival of Shivarajakumar to city on Saturday morning the ‘Hodi Magaa’ team met the Film Producers Association President KCN Chandrasekhar and after consulting the KFCC took a decision to go to the revising committee with an appeal.

The Regional Censor Board five members committee in which three are women viewing the ‘Hodi Magaa’ starring hat trick hero Shivrajakumar, Manju Bhargavi and Nicolette Bird in lead roles has raised objection the title of the film. This has not only irked the entire team of ‘Hodi Magaa’ but put the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and Kannada Film Producers Association. How mothers can instigate the son to thrash? Is the observation of senior members of Regional Censor?

‘Hodi Magaa’ (thrash my son) signifies a wrong trend in the society. Actually this title is picked from Shivarajakumar’s ‘Jogi’ Kannada film song Hodi Magaa Hodi Magaa Bida Beda Avna……This song is even more dangerous that the regional censor board has realized later and repenting for approving such a song.

The producer of ‘Hodi Magaa’ VS Rajakumar and Rama Rao. They are hell bent on not changing the title as it is last minute direction from the Regional Censor Board.

According to reliable sources the team of ‘Hodi Magaa’ was alerted by the Regional Censor Board on the title giving wrong signal. No one pay attention to to it and confident that it would be passed because KFCC has approved.

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