Posted date: 31/May/2009

Finally the 62 feet Charlie Chaplin statue thought evolved by Hemanth Hegde for ‘House Full’ Kannada cinema will be placed at the Innovative Film City after acquiring the AIR India permission. Statue above 40 feet should get the Airways permission and Charlie Chaplin happens to be 62 feet need special permission so that it would not harm the air traffic.

This is not a gimmick what we are doing. This is required for the film. Without Chaplin statue can we go I thought but it is not possible so we are hoping for the best said Hemanth Hegde, director and actor of the film answering a question at the audio release of the film – he had to tell this because Anuj Saxena in his speech said any controversy is publicity and helps the film – have you done this purposefully to gain publicity obviously struck the mind. The six feet Chaplin statue is ready now and the huge one will be replica of it.

Hemanth Hegde felt unhappy because the Hindi activists did not give opportunity for Charlie Chaplin statue at Mangalore. He was in touch with Sudhakar Rao chief secretary of Karnataka government but all that did not help him. Charlie Chaplin statue is a requirement and good for the film he said. This is a breezy comedy. In the music department I and Kiran the music director have tried the Brazilian reggae and lounge type of music. Five out of 35 tunes have selected for this film. There is a solo, two duet and trans song is sung by Rahul Vaidya for this film said music director Kiran.

The new producer from Mumbai Anuj Saxena was welcomed to Karnataka market by noted personality KCN Chandrasekhar. For incoming producers and people here attached to them should correlate for good progress say KCN the President of Film Producers Association.

I did not agree to those who said why you take up Kannada film. For me cinema is a cinema said producer Anuj Saxena. I am proud to be a part of this film he said.

Producer Shailendra Babu agreed with his colleague KCN and wished the film will be according to its title in the box office. Let this produce make more films he hoped.

It is not ‘House full’ today for Kannada cinema. Empty houses said Velu of Lahari who has brought the audio to the market. Audio industry is not able to give money because we are not getting the returns. The suffering is there for a long time he said. In House Full three out of five songs are good. I have heard 40 to 50 films music and nothing got noticed. Only House Full stayed in my mind said Velu. The quality of lyrics, music should be good first he felt.

Anchor on sunny afternoon at the Woodlands Hotel kept on telling the title of the film thrice as ‘Full House’ instead of ‘House Full’.

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