Posted date: 7/September/2008

The US returned Chennai based Sara Alambara armed with Mechanical Engineering wants to be a project manager for her professional life. Speaking to this correspondent in an exclusive chat on the debut of her Kannada film ‘Gautham’ with lovely star Premkumar Sara the confident looking and serene in her thoughts believes firmly that ‘Patience to wait will pay fruits in life’.

One Malayalam film with Jayasoorya, a Tamil film with Navdeep and another Tamil with full fresh team Sara is thankful to her fortunes for getting different roles in her one year career as an actress. She has taken part in 35 ads and she wants get along till she is 70 in life. When it comes to dance I am a one take artist. I love dancing in any form. Whether it is western or classical I would give a run for my opponent claims Sara.

Sara completing her 12th in Chennai moved to her maternal relatives in United States of America and took up management course for one year and then did her engineering. Back home she got offers in ads and getting in to tinsel town was not that difficult for her.

I have lot of patience in life. I am a tortoise in my work. I would wait for good roles and winning the race in slow and steady style is my mentality said Sara. ‘You got to win means you got to wait’ otherwise there is no point in staying in this profession I am very passionate about. As a matter of fact Sara went to director of eminence Suresh Krissna’s office for another project but the discussion to do Kannada film was on. She was immediately offered a role in the story and screenplay of Suresh Krissna’s ‘Gautham’ that will be directed by Rajeev K Prasad the third generation from one of the pioneers of Kannada cinema R Nagendra Rao family.

Very frank in her outlook Sara does not like her to be called as a model. It has given me fame and money but I want to prove in the big screen she has pointed. On family matters, caste and religion Sara prefers not to speak and says Alambara is her family name.

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