Posted date: 28/July/2009

It appears Jaggesh is seriously contemplating on taking up direction of a Kannada film in his career. Yesterday 27th July morning the 28 years experienced actor Jaggesh was very seriously discussing with his friends on taking up direction instead of taking ‘kiriks’ from directors like Guruprasad.

‘I am like a hill’. Lot of people climb the hill and get down. Nothing happens for the hill. Like that this Jaggesh also. In the last 28 years I have become a hill. Worked with many first time producer and directors nothing has happened to me Jaggesh mate uncompromising statement when he had come to Press Club of Bangalore at the get together of ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ success party.

I have nothing against to intelligent Guruprasad. If I don’t like him mean I would not have introduced him to the ministers and legislators when the special screening was arranged Jaggesh recalled. We should go on doing the work to live longer without remaining in any controversy.

I have some definite ideas thinking that I am the only who has thought like that. But later speaking to Ravi Belegere Editor of ‘Hai Bangalore’ I came to know he has also such ideas. When I expressed my contents of the film to one my friend he said it has come in ‘Paapigala Lokadalli’. My concept was different. He did not understand. For audience we cannot give the routine. We should give something they don’t expect Jaggesh explained.

Meanwhile his elder sister and brother in law have continuously wept after watching ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’. The similar situation they faced long ago. That was climax of the film where the heroine goes for abortion of the child. Similar way Jaggesh sister thought but in the last minute she was saved from such decision. If I had done it today the bread earner of the family my son Jeevan would not have been available Jaggesh sister lamented to him.

On the success of ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ Jaggesh is of the opinion people have liked immensely in Mysore, Bangalore and other regions. It is slightly less in other parts but pick up later says Jaggesh.

On his sibling Komalkumar ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi’ also he is very happy because it collected Rs.47 lakhs in the first week as share. My brother in law producer Srinivas has made a comfortable profit from ‘CKCU’ but Komalkumar should have spent a little less on the project feels the big brother.

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