Posted date: 27/April/2009

For a hypothetical question what he would do when LTTE Prabhakaran who has escaped now come for refuge in his house the most sought after actor of Tamil and Telugu cinema Prakash Raj said he would put foot his mouth and think about it. First let him come to he said. However I have been offered the role of Prabhakaran because I look like him in some ways.

With 10 film productions in ‘Duet Movies’ (Duet is the first film of Prakash Raj in Tamil in KB direction) Prakash Rai admits that it is not feasible for him right now to take up a Kannada film production. I know that I should do one but time is not ripe. When I reach the position of sustaining of the losses or stage of affordability comes I can do one film. I have to do something for Abhinaya Tharanga of AS Murthy sir where I stayed for four years. I am waiting for the time and how it should be I don’t know as of now he said.

At the ‘Amrutha Mathu Manthana’ held at Press Club of Bangalore my friends in Chennai especially Gnanavelu wondered how this idea did came to the Kannada film journalists. It is a wonderful thought Prakash Rai thanks for such an opportunity to talk to film media from the day one coming to him.

‘I should get the Herige Novu’ to take up direction. I have to know lot of areas of film making he feels. On the business of film making he says the talent is not shared by many who dump money.

On his irritation in social life Prakash Rai said the rich becoming rich and poor remaining poor is what disgusting he says. The rich is growing like islands. What I am giving to society is not spread out. I always think why only an individual grow in society. In my life and career I don’t work only for payment he said. Those who invest think of making Rs.10 from rupee 1. This is bad he feels.

Three national awards and 18 state awards so far in my career still keeping me to take up more. One thing is sure. People are not fools. On the Kannada and Tamil good binding he said it should happen like a movement and become a necessity. It should keep out from vested interests. In the Cauvery and Hogennakkal issue when there is one thing that gets 10 meaning I feel it is better to be misunderstood instead of pleasing the people.

More on Prakash Rai early days, his apology to GK Govindaraj, days in Malleswara, Rajajinagar, Abhinaya Tharanga, how he reached KB’s camp, his first dialogue for ‘Duet’ cinema starring Prabhu and Ramesh Aravind, his remembrance of yesteryear friends and so on you will find in another report of Chitratara.com

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