Posted date: 9/February/2011

It was a memorable twin function at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall in the five hours drawn out event. The 100 days celebrations of ‘Jackie’ and honor to lovable actor Shivarajakumar by the family members turned very emotional indeed.
‘Jackie’ is the 78th movie of Vajreshwari Combines. 5 of the 78 are one year run films, 16 of them have been silver jubilee films, 31 are 100 days films and all of them have run for 50 days is the statistics provided by anchor MD Pallavi at the start of the ‘Jackie’ 100 days celebration.
After the Ganesha Stuthi by students of Cambridge school the very presence of a stretcher from two sides made the first difference. The bouquet and Belli Lota to all those who have worked were kept on both the stretchers.
The grandsons of Dr Rajakumar have arrived – all the grandsons in white shirt came in between the trophies and Silver glasses presentation made by the dignitaries. The names appeared on screen for whom the felicitation is made was another specialty. The clips of ‘Jackie’ and songs from the film gave some entertainment and the speakers did not give a ‘Violin Session’!
- very rightly said without remembering Rajanna nothing can take place. Appu films are like Jenina Hole and Halina Male mixture. There are three Rajakumars with the same discipline, dedication and delectability he stated.
PROF BARAGURU RAMACHANDRAPPA - agreed to the point of Srinath. We have to remember Rajakumar for all. He was not just Vyakthi or Shakthi he was Maha Manava. His biggest asset was ‘Vinaya becoming Vidwat’. Only we follow his principles in cinema we can build a healthy filmdom. Vajreshwari combines is doing films that we all can watch in the family. Others make films that we have to watch with others families stated Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa. Shrama and Srujanasheelathe can only make this kind of ‘Jackie’ he felt.
Jaggesh addressing the gathering remembered an incident happened in his house. When a song of my film came my wife went inside. When I inquired she said I cannot expect anyone with you. ‘My dear Parimala Avare in the same way Parvathamma Avare Yochisidre Annavru Enmadabekkithu’ Jaggesh told his wife and entire auditorium was in laughing mood. When I am on the death bed if Yamadharama comes I tell him to send Dr Rajakumar back to Karnataka was the height of affection Jaggesh expressed.
What the speakers have told in the well attended 100 days event of ‘Jackie’ at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on Tuesday morning in the five hours event (one hour was waiting in it).
SRINAGARA KITTY – These 100 days is energy for everyone. Let the 100 films of Puneeth become super hit and run for 100.
KOMALKUMAR – There is no need to put Jack for Jackie. I missed the third Belli Lota from this family. I was part of earlier two films of Puneeth Rajakumar. In Gokak they grow sugarcane all the days. Asking them whether it is sweet is wrong. Like that the family of Dr Rajakumar all very sweet.
GURUKIRAN - Kannadakke Obbane Raj. Now Kannadakke Obbane Puneeth Rajakumar. The attendance of Industry today makes me happy. Only when Vajreshwari combines invite the attendance is like this.
VIJAY – I was dreaming of a career seeing Appu Sir Films! I used to go to park and practice the stunts.
BASANTHKUMAR PATIL – Vajreshwari Combines is not just ‘Samsthe’. It is a university. From LKG to professional courses of cinema making there is everything to learn. Money has not influenced this family. Three sons of Dr Rajakumar are replica of Dr Rajakumar. This type of family in films is not found in India. They are humble and disciplined like father. For the 100th film 100 days of Vajreshwari banner invite me for the event.
JAYANTHI – Looking at the roof at Chowdaiah Memorial saying Hai Raj…said whenever I offered peck to Rajanna his wife Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar used to never mind. I am a family member.
Rockline Venkatesh – Dr Rajakumar family banner is like ‘Aladha Mara’. Industry Thaayi and Thande are Dr Raj and Smt Parvathamma.
RAMKUMAR – for Gandhinagar the striking company is Vajreshwari Combines. The base for this is Dr Rajakumar, Varadaraj, Chi Udayashanker and Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar. Third generation is growing today. This silver glass is given from the olden days because in difficulty it will be useful. I was away from the family but very affectionately wishing and blessing. I am like ‘Lotus’ flower. For Anand 100 days I was videographer and the journey started from then on. From a distance I have been wishing good luck to this family.
AJAY RAO – I am fans of this family of actors. Tarun congratulated everyone connected to this film on the success.
RANGAYANA RAGHU – Nim Agenalli Ede Guddi Nela Bagedhu Neeru Thegeyonu….Adhu Nannalla Appu Sir. After Sahitya Sammelana Habba this event is Industry Habba.
YOGARAJ BHAT – Nimma Kannu, Kivi Santosha….adhe Cinema.
RAMESH ARAVIND – Yee Jackie Jeans Nodi. He is like Jwalamukhi. Soori does not write from pen but from ‘Minchu’. This Harikrishna was not born in the hospital but in an orchestra function. Raganna has the midas touch. Muddiddella Chinna.
UPENDRA – Annavra company Irovargu Yee 100 days event will be going on. There are three Rajakumars with us – Shiv, Raghu and Puneeth.
DIRECTOR SOORI – I became emotional remembering my mother. I see my mother in Smt Parvathamma. Sorry I cannot speak. Raghavendra Rajakumar consoled. Again he broke down in tears. My next with Power star Puneeth Rajakumar is ‘ANNA BOND’.
BHAVANA Jackie heroine– I am immensely happy in my decision. I got other offers but ‘Jackie’ was a wonderful experience for me.
PUNEETH RAJAKUMAR - The real jackies and real heroes of this film are technicians. I thank one and all. Next 100 days event will be ‘Super’ and we will attend it.
SMT PARVATHAMMA RAJAKUMAR – for the growth of Vajreshwari persons like Nagaraj, Dwarakanath, Vikram Srinivas, Dorairaj Bhagwan and Varadaraj have greatly contributed.
SHIVARAJAKUMAR – Today is the 5th death anniversary day of ‘Varadappanna’ Appanna. He has been instrumental in so many good decisions.
Surprises came up from Raghavendra Rajakumar the overall captain of the 100 days event of “Jackie” and felicitation to his brother Shivarajakumar on triple happy occasion.
Before anyone the family members of Dr Rajakumar affectionately honored Shivarajakumar the lovable personality of Kannada cinema.
It was a big surprise for Shivarajakumar when the seven minutes audio visual came up on his life journey in cinema. Shivarajakumar became very emotional at the place where he was sitting and later on the dais holding the mike wiped his tears.
Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar also looked emotional and Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar hugging Shivanna broke down and so is Nagaththe sister of Dr Rajakumar.
The 30 plus family members on stage affectionately honored Shivarajakumar. A silver plaque that had all the films list of Shivarajakumar a gold chain was handed over to him. Before that Shiv and Geetha Madam exchanged garland as the silver jubilee of married life is fast approaching.
Addressing after emotional moment Shivarajakumar went on a flash back. He remembered how Puneeth was instrumental in his life to come to acting. Banadariyalli…..song moved me a lot. When Malayalam offer came to me I brought it to the notice of ‘Appaji’ and that’s how my days started. Friends of Madras Shekar and Vijayaprasad are here today in this function. Shivarajakumar later getting back thanked giving to producer, technicians, co artists, media and Abhimani Devaragalu.
I will work for 100 more films. I have made mistakes and apologies for my wife. She has to ‘Thalkobeku’ in life. My daughters Nirupama and Nivedhita have all made me happy.
Last but not least – No one can beat my brother Puneeth Rajakumar! Shivarajakumar in bit shyness made this statement.

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