Posted date: 4/February/2011

This is the modern days ‘Jarasandha’ not the epic the Mahabharatha ‘Jarasandha’. Action hero Vijay plays the role and the qualities of ‘Jarasandha’ is divided in various characters according to hat trick director Shashank. Shashank is on universally applicable concept. The issue will be dropped on the screen only at the end.
With three softies – Sixer, Moggina Manasu and Krishnan Love Story Shashank is turning hardware. This is my first action film. From the days of my school I was ardent fan of action movies. I came to industry to do an action cinema but after three films I am taking up an action he says. I wanted a film in Kannada like Sholay, Agnipath etc. From seeing action films I shifted to love story subjects by watching V Ravichandran films as I also came to age at the time of ‘Prema Loka’. My inner desire is to give an action cinema with stunning end.
There are 80 characters in this film and the statement that comes in the end of the film has never been told and never been attempted. There will be a drastic change and Vijay will be in stylish and action packed cinema. There is an emotional track too. To meet the expectations is my challenge now.
With Vijay, Pranitha, Rangayana Raghu, Devaraj, Roopa Devi, Ravi Chetan, Swayamvara Chandru, Mangalore theatre artists will also be part of this film.
The shoot for this Basavaraj and Gangadhar produced film will be in Bangalore, Mangalore Mulki there will be seven days of shoot in the night time during the Bappanadu festival, in Chalakudi plus the climax portion has not been decided.

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