Posted date: 12/February/2009

The steep high of controversy related to Kannada ‘Kabbaddi’ and Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ (VKK released three week ago – Tamil superstar Rajanikanth has hailed it as a good film) has taken a disgusting turn. The Tamil film release even before the Kannada film release has kicked up a row and perturbed the first time director Narendra Babu. Being a partner to Kannada film ‘Kabbaddi’ actor Kishore has done great injustice says Babu.

When the controversy erupted first that Kishore is doing the same role of Kannada film ‘Kabbaddi’ (he had even leaked the contents to Tamil film screamed the director Narendra Babu) in Tamil film too Kishore came rushing to the media meet that was in Kanteerava studio attending the ‘Ghulama’ muhurut in a speedy bike from airport to give clarification.

The clarification was that he is not doing the similar role in Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ and secondly he will see to it that the Kannada film ‘Kabbaddi’ is released first. Both the things did not happen now. The Tamil film got released two weeks ago and Kannada film ‘Kabbaddi’ is still craving for release.

Acting in Tamil film ‘Vennilla Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ Kannada actor Kishore has done ‘Mathru Droha’ alleges director of Kannada ‘Kabbaddi’ Narendra Babu - Kishore a Kannada lecturer formerly should have known about plagiarism says Babu who is deeply hurt after watching the DVD of Tamil film ‘Vennilla Kabbaddi Kuzhu’ in which Kishore has done the similar role what he has performed in Kannada ‘Kabbaddi’.

What director Narendra Babu wants to say further on this controversy?

I am sure Kishore has leaked out the subject of Kannada to Tamil film makers. At the cost of Kannada he has taken mileage. He has been a sleeping partner to the Tamil cinema is what Narendra Babu heard from Chennai.

Right from the first day of shoot Kishore was furious with young boys who got trained from Sports Authority of India. He was pointing to the change of Praveen the key man. If the performance is bad then only I would incorporate it I said Kishore and that has actually been the grass root for the problem.

Kishore suggested changes in the script. He wanted a fight and flash back scenes. I have strictly said no change in the script.

Kishore has invested Rs.30 lakhs for this film borrowing Rs.25 lakhs from Dhuniya producer TP Siddaraju and Rs.5 lakhs from Goverdhana Murthy (who is now in jail in shoot out case).

An account of all these straightforward approach from my side Kishore has taken revenge.

The Tamil film ‘VKK’ is slightly different in his role. In the Kabbaddi court the hero of the film is killed in Tamil but it is outside the court in Kannada ‘Kabbaddi’.

There is lot of comedy in VKK and it is according to the nativity of Tamil films. Love story is common in both the films. It gives suspicion that our story is the base for it.

For this script in Tamil the famous editor of Kabbaddi star magazine Gold Rajendran is not happy. The contents of ‘VKK’ are disturbing to the 25 lakhs Kabbaddi players in Tamil Nadu he has written in the magazine.

The Tamil film ‘VKK’ is a minimum budget film that is all set to become a super hit and might earn Rs.40 crores.

As of now Kannada Kabbaddi is at the grading stage for which sound optical have to be added. Then it will go for censor. It will be released in April this year says Narendra Babu.


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