Posted date: 5/May/2009

Is this possible to eradicate the evils like corruption, injustice, maladministration, mismanagement, inequality etc.? Aa Brahmanindanu Sadhyavilla! The mass media can bring in some alertness and theatre plays of Master Hirannaiah in Karnataka openly lashed the corrupt system we are living in.

We had ‘Lancha Samrajya’ of Tumkur Mahadevaiah that dealt the corruption severely in the lead roles of Master Hirannaiah and CR Simha in the past. Now Megha Movies titillating the funny bones is also bringing some awakening from ‘Kallara Santhe’ directly pointing the seat of power of Karnataka ‘Vidhana Soudha’.

The muhurut of the film ‘Kallara Santhe’ produced by Syed Aman and Ravindra for the story, screenplay and dialogues of Agni Sridhar in the direction of charming director Sumana Kittur was held on Monday morning at the famous ‘Agni’ tabloid office. V.Manohar is scoring four songs and Sundarnath Suvarana is handling the camera for ‘Kallara Santhe’.

According to orator, thinker, editor, former don Agni Sridhar this film ‘Kallara Santhe’ aims to dig at the foul system in a funny style. This is a political satire and the behavior of people sitting in Vidhana Soudha is attacked in this film. The politicians especially are sitting with some sort of ‘Brame’. The quantum of spoil varies. The politicians, rowdyism, police, media etc are all part of this film. I have seen all of them closely and so I can dig at it says Agni Sridhar. The hero refers to Kumaravyasa the heroine hold the sharp edge long in her hand. She is not just a cosmetic property of the film Agni Sridhar shifts his attention to Sumana Kittur and says she has grown up.

In this mass cum class film we are not pointing to persons you have seen. No one is stranger. Yet the film making will be different and today the sound technology is only different in narration disclosed Agni Sridhar.

Sumana Kittur for her second directorial venture has worked on knowing the behaviors of people she is dealing in this film. In 60 days she is shooting in Bangalore and other parts later on moving to Madikeri her home town to capture the songs.

Sookshma Samvedhi Yash is an unemployed graduate. He has immensely liked the concept and without any image he has accepted this title from three titles. Exploring the life and not depicting the larger than life plus the purpose of the film are reasons to accept say Yash.

The screen charmer and tabloid heroine (Vijaya was also called tabloid hero in the past) Haripriya performing a powerful role in ‘Hai Bangalore’ Editor Ravi Belegere direction ‘Mukyamantri I Love You’ is now in another tabloid editor ‘Agni’ Sridhar ‘Kallara Santhe’ is holding weapon in a strong role again. Haripriya is a cinema fan who says the hero how long is used in Kannada cinema besides forcing him to marry her.


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