Posted date: 31/July/2010

‘Dr Rajakumar and Dr K.S.Ashwath relationship was disturbed by fitting of some one in the industry, Dr KS Ashwath replacement was thought at one point of time, a move was made to separate Dr KS Ashwath from Kannada cinema industry’ – these are the facts with many others coming from reliable persons in the documentary getting ready on the personal and professional life of Dr.K.S.Ashwath. That is ‘Karmayogi’ Dr K.S.Ashwath.

The actor’s son Shanker Ashwath from last March 1 has so far interviewed 200 persons in South India who had close acquaintance with Dr KS Ashwath spent Rs.3 lakhs on the project and waiting for any one of the channels to take this precious and prestigious work.

If no one take this ‘Karmayogi’ Dr KS Ashwath documentary I would come to help assured Prakash Rai to Shanker Ashwath some days ago. I am not ambitious. When I lost my father there was nothing more valuable than his loss. I don’t mind in losing anything now. But ‘Appana Hesrindha Marata Mado Manushya Nanalla’!

My father was like ‘Mahabhala’. That is reason I have the sticker of ‘Mahabaleshwara’ portraying my father on the back side of my car. In his approach and attitude once he has decided means it is the end. Like Ravana (used his Mahabala) could not even shake the idol of lord Ishwara once Ganapathi kept it on the floor – similar mental strength my father was possessing says Shanker Ashwath. Ene Adhru he was not changing his decisions!

I just want to showcase from this documentary how the personal and professional life of my father was so similar. I have 100 plus incidents that gives a good correlation to this effect. At the same time I am trying to open up the facts says Shanker Ashwath.

I don’t was to make hell a lot of money from this documentary. Anyone gives Rs.5000 per episode for me it is enough.

On last Saturday Shanker Ashwath appeared in white Panche and Rose color shirt with beard on his face holding the camera before hat trick hero Shivarajakumar at Abbainaidu Studio. Shivanna spoke on his association with Dr KS Ashwath for twenty minutes in the closed door interview conducted by Shanker Ashwath.

Shanker Ashwath is withdrawing away from films? I am not. Once I was offered five films at a time. But later I came to know all of them decided ‘Appa Sattha Vyatheyalli Iddane, act madalla antha’.

Shanker Ashwath admits the fact that he was not caring immensely on his father when he was living. After his death I am in my father’s ‘Dhyana’.

Meanwhile another Mysorean challenging star Darshan announced a book on his father Toogudeepa Srinivas along with other villain of Kannada cinema sons. Since there was no correlation Darshan kept the book on his father in abeyance.

Shanker Ashwath shows the way to pay tribute!

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