Posted date: 21/March/2011

For those who think ‘Lifu Ishtene’ there is something beyond it. no need to get dejected is the message Pawankumar is throwing from his debut direction film with four producers – Jack Manjunath, Yogaraj Bhat, Syed Salam and Upendra Shetty.
At Prakash House the film ‘Life Ishtene’ with Diganth heading the artists team has two heroines Samyuktha Horanadu and Sindhu – it is attempted at youth once again and obviously there is enough fun and frolic. The shades of life happy and sorrow are tucked in this film and I have made a brisk schedule and it might touch the life story of many says Pawankumar.
Diganth take off from ‘Pancharangi’ you would think it is wrong. He is in a softy and steady. Entertainment guaranteed he says.
Samyuktha Horanadu daughter of actress Sudha Belawadi has experience in stage and her home itself is like an institute for her was cool in her address. It relates to the youth and I am doing what I feel it right. That is what my mother has advised she explained.
Sindhu of ‘Mareyalare’ that is left in the middle is playing another heroine. She was looking for this kind of a film. The life means there will be ups and downs she says.
Jnanesh shoulders are heavy as he is carrying the camera and moving around capturing many scenes so far. Jack Manjunath is in his fourth film is impressed with the professional style. Syed Salam is the owner of the huge house built on one and half acres. He is in to politics too. Upednra Shetty is another guy from civil services entering films for the first time.

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