Posted date: 26/March/2009

Ever since ‘Kanasina Rani’ Malashri obtained the image of a cop ala Vijayashanthi the lady Bond of Telugu cinema she is not able to get back to soft roles like ‘Muthinantha Hendathi’. The films like ‘SP Bhargavi’, ‘Lady Commissioner (1997), Chamundi (1999) and Durgi (2003) Malashri is the action heroine and that is what her fans want her to be on screen.

The immensely in demand in 1990’s after the mega hit of ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ Malashri called the shots worked in three shifts a day and one point of time scaled the height of a few popular heroes of the peak period.

After five years with two kids in the house Malashri cutting down her weight is bouncing back on this Friday as ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’ the film got appreciation from Mrs Saina the daughter of the first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi.

In an exclusive chat at her home office near railway parallel road in Seshadripuram she spoke in detail on her new film ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’.

What is your score card so far?
I have acted in nearly 25 Telugu films and completed 70 plus Kannada films. By the grace of God I am happy for the people response to all my films.

Have you made a survey before taking up ‘Kiran Bedi’ that too when you are back after five years?
I studied to myself all my earlier films especially the tough cop role or action heroine roles I have done. What I understand is that the people do not want message. This is the ‘Yuga’ of screenplay driver cinema. They want twists in screenplay now and then and making should be good and exciting for the audience.

What is this ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’ is going to offer?
For women it is going to offer power. They can feel secured seeing this kind of cinema. The intelligence in handling, the mass appeal and full of entertainment would be an appropriate film for the audience in general.

What do you expect for this “Ugadhi”?
I am expecting more ‘Bella’ than ‘Bevu’ for my film response in the box office. I am very curious and anxious because the ‘Acceptance’ would be there for me as I come back after five years.

For that ‘Acceptance’ you have worked hard?
I will put it straight. This film ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’ was thought during the making of ‘Durgi’. You know the first person to inspire me was Smt.Sudha Murthy wife of Mr Narayanamurthy of Infosys. It is in one of the meetings with that great and humble lady I discussed on the subject inspired from the first woman IPS officer she immediately said it is none other than you can do such a film. She also told me that time Mr Narayanamurthy has viewed my films heard songs of my earlier films and appreciated it.

What was the instant reaction of former IPS Kiran Bedi daughter watching it…
We invited Smt.Saina daughter of Kiran Bediji and for sentiment scenes in the film the young lady became emotional and said my mother dynamism I have recollected watching this film. Mrs Saina came with her husband from Poona.

It was easy for you to appear on the sets….
The first and foremost difficulty I faced was to be hungry. The making took one year plus but I was to maintain the steady growth from the beginning. For that I should be on a strict diet. For the required ‘Josh’ I had to control my hunger that is the toughest issue for me in life. Initially we thought of completing the film in one schedule and I was happy because I need have to do diet for a long time. But it could not happen like that.

This is the 25th film of your husband Ramu’s home banner.
As everyone know my husband Ramu would not close the bracket as for as investment for the film is concerned. We spent a lot and this silver jubilee film is a good combination of Ramu and director Om Prakash Rao. This time I am added to this lucky combination. Ramu and Om Prakash Rao given hits like Lock Up Death, AK 47, Kalasipalya etc. What ever Ramu has in mind without his explanation Om Prakash brings it on screen.

Any special preparations going on for release?
This is a film on woman empowerment and how dynamic woman should be. I have to be like this womenfolk feel. Although it catches the middle class problem it is for the class audience too. So we are showing this film separately to the women in distress and I am more interested in getting the opinion of women police officers and constables. A separate show has been planned for them.

What next from Malashri?
I am expecting the best comments. I want the good result for this film to take up a few more challenging films that are women oriented.

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