Posted date: 20/August/2010

A softy meets bubbly! That is Murali and Meera respectively. Another film with fascination to ‘M’ letter has been launched the previous day of Varamahalakshmi festival at Kanteeravs studios.


When I announced this film lot of friends were there to produce this film but they disappeared. Yet to the back of me I have some friends and support of my wife disclosed director turned producer Yogish Hunsur a relative of Dwarakish.

I am really fascinated towards the script narrated by Mahesh Rao. If I lose in this film he will be responsible for it Yogish Hunsur looked at Mahesh Rao seriously.

Magesh Kumar director of ‘Dheemaku’ (home banner of actor Naveen Krishna in which Flora Saini played heroine to Naveen Krishna – the film was released in 2008) is Mahesh Rao from this film. He has taken inspiration for this film from real life and made it very lively on screen. There is fun and action he says. I have narrated this script two and half years ago to Yogish Hunsur said Mahesh Rao. This is a film to experience he added.

Prajwal Devaraj back after hectic schedule from ‘3D film Kidnap’ feels this is a new attempt. As he was looking for some difference it is found in this film. I have to work hard for this film and this type of love story I have not heard or seen. It will be a model to the good positive guy says Prajwal.

The ad girl former child actress, heroine of Gubbi, sister in Shourya the good looking Reema Verma plays the heroine. This is a bubby role and I keep everyone happy around me in the film. As to why she accepted a sister from heroine already in Gubbi Reema said that sister role is very powerful and demand good performance she says. I am here with dedication and have no god father she says. She has acted in Hindi film ‘Chule Asma’.

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