Posted date: 21/December/2008

At the Amruthamahotsava time of Kannada cinema a producer of a well made Kannada film ‘Neenyaare’ Mr Varada Reddy is screaming at the top of voice that fresher should not make Kannada films. This is all because of another fresh producer team of ‘Haagu Summane’ creating havoc. Look at the KFCC that issues a letter stating the newspapers have made a mistake in publishing the ad and the whole reason for dharna and confusion to ‘Neenyaare’ is because of this the letter says. ‘Eshto new producers Ivatthu quarter bottle whisky hodadre avarige nidde barodhu’.

Fury mounted up and producer Varada Reddy at one point of time even tried to commit suicide. Already he had not slept and taken food properly for one year in making his cherished film ‘Neenyaare’ investing Rs.2.5 crores. The mistake of ‘Haage Summane’ team is like adding insult to injury for him.

Who will not get dejected when the new producer, director, artists team film ‘Neenyaare’ released on 19th of December in Sagar theatre find to the shock that on 26th ‘Haage Summane’ is releasing in the same theatre. In addition to it the clearance got to release ‘Neenyaare’ just three days before Friday was very difficult task to do publicity. What actor Sooraj says is that from the film ‘Nannusire’ people have come to a conclusion that the film name sound similar to ‘Neenyaare’ has already come and gone.

Director Sindesh expressed similar woes and appeared very disturbed from the situation meted by his debut film ‘Neenyaare’. Not only Rs.2 crores plus investment but one full years has been invested says Sindesh. For the response in the theatres he is not crying out of happiness but for the sorrow state of affairs for a new director film.

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