Posted date: 1/April/2010

There are hardly a few televisions serials in Kannada that reached the 1000 mark. Kavyanjali, Papa Pandu, Badhuku etc like the Hindi television serials reached 1000 episodes.

Now producer Soorya is feeling happy for the excellence his television serial reached with the pivotal television serial ‘Punyakoti’. Director AG Seshadri known for gritty work in his career with coffee Raghavendra as dialogue writer, Naani as cameraman and Venkatesh as episode director gave opportunity for the artists mainly to express their feelings on the television serial. In the 100th episode a number of artists have not got opportunity and this has made AG Seshadri to give the mike to the artists of the television serial.

What is notable for AG Seshadri from this Punyakoti is that the politics getting entry in some of the episodes had dropped the ratings for the serial. He had to change the Home Minister and include some other useful options. Some issues like Kannada newspapers in Schools, AIDS, police issues are from real life he picked in the television serials.

Dr Kashyap has many shades in his role, Sandhya Venkatesh as Thara, Jayasri Raj as Sandhya, Malathi Sardeshpande in the ‘Sarala and Vichitra’ role, Padmini Prakash as Lalitha, Veena Venkatesh as Sharadhattehe, Padmini Nanda, RG Vijayasarathy as crooked politician are the actors in this ‘Punyakoti’

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