Posted date: 26/September/2010

The fit of anger coming out from the director of the film Shivaraja Hoskere without naming the producer Ravish lashed at the wrong treatment given to him. ‘I will stand in Gandhinagar one day and show it’ Hoskere yelled.

A producer gets the post of producer only after a director he finds him. In the beginning of the film I have been slogging all the time to get a good product. I have taken everyone connected to the cinema to the producer. All my good interest has resulted in bad treatment to me. The ‘Taare’ Kannada film posters were put up near my house which did not have my name in the list of technicians. Shivaraja Hosakere said somebody ‘Huli Hindiddare’. Who is that I am tracing to get clean chit. Shivaraj Hoskere further said only the name of director is mentioned in the audio CD on in lay card and only photo of music director is used. Why they should ill treat me he asks.

Producer Ravish has literally come out from the death bed. He was in coma for two months and six months he could not move later. That is because of a major road accident in which he miraculously escaped. He has taken the storm to his side and releasing the film capitalizing on the popularity of dimple star Diganth.

Diganth the hot property of Kannada cinema today appreciated the patience of the producer in finishing this project. Taare is a love triangle I have chance to show my innocence he expressed. Sanjana actress of Naanu Neenu Jodi and Rakshaka is playing the village belle in the film ‘Taare’. Another heroine Urvashi Solanki was not present.

The audio of ‘Taare’ was released in the presence of Prof Doddarange Gowda (who remembered Ramachari and Chamaiah Meshry of Nagarahavu) who plays a teacher with a student like Diganth, KV Nageshkumar and Kari Subbu urged Diganth to be producers actor and stay for 25 plus years as hero, play back singer Lakshmi Nagaraj thanked the opportunity given to sing Chandirana Thandu Kodale….

‘Taare’ main Taare of the audio release was CR Bobby who has scored six songs for the film. She has used the live instruments for the film. Lyricist Hrudayashiva agreed that he does not have ‘Samayapragne’.

Aditya Music has released the album to the market and in the CD besides Diganth, URvashi Solanki photos only music director CR Bobby photo is put up.

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