Posted date: 4/October/2010

‘I am ready to take on any challenging roles and prove that I am a good actress’ the offers of great height are not coming in my favor the beautiful looking heroine of 10 films in Kannada Tejaswini says in a quick chat on last Friday night at the premises of KH Soudha in Hanumanthanagar in Bangalore. Tejaswini had come to view the 45 minutes short film ‘Simply Kailawesome’.

We give you quickie interview with Tejaswini:

Why the meaty roles are not coming to you?
That is what I wonder. Accepting the sister role in ‘Bandhu Balaga’ a replacement for Radhika has caused this situation for me I feel. The beginning of the career sister to Shivarajakumar sir was notable one I felt. But it misfired.

None clicked after that. What is the reason?
As I told the offers extended to me became second fiddle. I did a very good role in ‘Savi Savi Nenapu’ the heartfelt role. In that role I was limited in performance I was the heart patient. Subsequently very small offers came to me. Some of them I have accepted and most of them I have rejected. Mathad Mathad Mallige was quite convincing for me.

What about the recent one ‘Tharangini’?
I was a journalist there and thought opposite Mohan as heroine would click. But it failed without even making news.

You have ‘Ashoka Vana’ now with a senior actor Kokila Mohan?
The reason for accepting this role this is made in three languages. Already we have shot 40 percent in Hyderabad and I have a role to perform.

Have you completed your graduation?
I have finished BA from National College, Jayanagar

Tejaswini is beautiful but challenging roles are not coming. What do you do?
After Ashoka Vana I will wait till I get a good offer that showcases my talent. I would sit at home and not accepted inconsequential roles. This is my strong feeling in the mind.

Are you upset?
Not completely but sometimes I feel why good roles are not coming to me. I have the ability to stand with rock solid performance.

What happened to ‘E Preethi’?
This is one film which I want to see the light of the day. I have good role and I have been projected too well in that film. But sadly 80 percent of the shooting is over and for 20 percent the tug of war between the producers and director Priya Bharathi has cast a black shadow on the entire film.

Is there any chance of ‘E Preethi’ taking up again?
That is only after apology from director Priya Bharathi for tarnishing the images of three of us (Diganth, Nina Mahesh and Me) and for producers she has to settle the accounts is what I have heard.

How you are spending time?
In the last six months I have done four stage shows and there are offers in television to take up big roles. That would stall my growth is what I feel. I would be tied down.

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