Posted date: 26/October/2008

One of the two directors of ‘Nannusire’ Velu Priyan says the budget of the film is Rs.1.5 crores. Shooting expensers per day is Rs.1.5 lakhs. We have shot for 50 days but the budget has come to Rs.3 crores says producer Ashok in his debut production. 150 cans of 400 feet raw stock has been used as against director quoting only 60 cans for the film. Off late for every one week three films are crashing down in the box office. In such a scenario we have to carefully plan for holding the audience attention. A film has to be given two weeks time to get awareness but hastily they are removed alleges producer Ashok. According to him only 30 Kannada films have been released from last January. When he was told nearly 85 Kannada films have been released so far in 2008 he was in for a major shock and dismay.

Each director spent Rs.1.5 crores of rupees is it came the quick response from the media at Green house restaurant on Saturday evening. Producer was hell bent on saying the budget touched Rs.3 crores.

There was no satisfactory reply from the whole new team for such huge spending but there was frank admission from an actor like Manish who is back from abroad. This ‘Jootata’ hero disclosed that he is not even the second hero in the film but a guest artist in the film ‘Nannusire’. Rahul, Gayathri and Keerthi have the major portions he made it clear. He did not forget to add that producer Ashok did not appeared to be first time producer.

However the story is about who will be whose ‘Usiru’ in the film. Two heroes and two heroines are in this film but it is not a triangular love story says another director Santosh. Director Velu Priyan says ‘Patrakar’ is his right eye and ‘Prekshaka’ is his left eye.

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