Posted date: 25/October/2010

The film ‘Yaksha’ mounted the sets on last November 23 is now hitting the screen at the end of this year October end – 28th October in 60 plus centers.

‘Dhuniya’ producer TP Sidaraju finding huge difference from his debut film in production sitting pride with 27 minutes presence of terrific actor of this nation Nana Patekar in the second half of the film was bit apprehensive to release the film ‘Yaksha’ on Kempe Gowda Road theatre. He wanted to break the rules and get along with Prasanna and Pramod theatre but at the last minutes distributor Basha came with Narthaki theatre for ‘Yaksha’.

Now everything is set for ‘Yaksha’ Atul Kulkarni is coming on the release day says TP Siddaraju. In this Green House I have met the media friends for so many times from the days of ‘Dhuniya’ and I have here again with the huge budget cinema ‘Yaksha’. We have done what is required for the film. I like the approach of Ramesh Rao. He speaks from the bottom of his heart and says producer is the first hero of the film. But what great thing I have noticed in my son Yogish who is the screen hero of the film is that he and heroine Rubi approved the new thought of capturing the song in Bangkok when director said it could be shot on a boy and girl who are not known. Perhaps no one would accept this but my son agreed disclosed Siddaraju. As for as publicity is concerned Siddaraju has made arrangements in 173 Plasma TV sets in various public places the trailers of ‘Yaksha’.

A bit worried at the media address on last Saturday was actor Yogish. I don’t known what I work I have done when I hear that the first hero of the film is producer and then second comes the music director. Yet I am happy because the film winning is important for our banner said Yogish.

My confidence has increased said director Ramesh Bhagavath addressing the media on pre release of ‘Yaksha’. I have included a few new artists in this film for Annaji, Shaji, Chaddi Krishna and others he mentioned.

Sudhakar Bannanje, Nagendra Prasad, Raj Kalai, Arasu Anthare, cameraman Chandrasekhar and music director Anoop Seelin also addressed the media on this occasion.

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