Posted date: 31/July/2010

The proud producer Soundaraya Jagadish is not leaving any shortfalls to lift the film ‘Appu Pappu’ in the publicity department. Speaking to media persons he said in the entire country this type of film with Orangutan has not been tried out. After Kannada release of the film ‘Appu Pappu’ on Varamahalakshmi day Soundaraya Jagadish with some changes is making the same film in five other Indian languages.

Congrats for such a move and an Orangutan and Master Snehith portion plus Hamsalekha music on Wednesday evening was widely appreciated.

Taking 40 plus to Cambodia and shooting for thirty plays days I am forgetting today because the film ‘Appu Pappu’ has come out very well says Soundaraya Jagadish.

After the release of the audio of the film, fours songs screening and trailers release Soundaraya Jagadish disclosed that he has put up 10 lakh labels of ‘Appu Pappu’ in four designs to knock at the children of Karnataka to create awareness of the film.

In Bangalore alone 5 lakh labels have been distributed says Soundaraya Jagadish.

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