100 – TOPPER IN CHANDANAVANA - Score – 4.5/5 *****
Posted date: 20 Sat, Nov 2021 12:40:37 AM

K S Vasu

Duration – 116 minutes 25 seconds, Category – Family thriller, Score – 4.5/5

Title – 100, Producer – Ramesh Reddy Nangli SP Production, Direction – Ramesh

Aravind, Music – Ravi Basrur, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Ramesh Aravind, Purna, Rachita Ram, Vishwa Karna, Prakash Belawadi, Shobaraj, Raju Talikote, Malathi Sudhir, Ravi Bhat, Baby Smaya and others.

This is undoubtedly a wholesome family film. It is cautiously made and the significance of this film is the care and caution that is very important in a family with the social media going on a rampage. The good and bad is possible from this social media. Watch your kith and kins closely the film suggests is a timely made film by SP Productions producer Ramesh Reddy Nangli.

Ramesh Aravind actor and director is a distinct thinker, he was topper in his studies and continues his engineering brain from an inspired subject with his own calculations that leaves a mark.

Vishnu (Ramesh Aravind) is an honest corrupt cop. He uses his brain and the network given to him for the good of the people. He earns crores of money from a wrong route but he spends it on coming up with a Gulabi hospital that is free for the people in distress.

At this time, Vishnu is given two tasks by his boss commissioner Sadanand (Prakash Belawadi). In gathering the whereabouts of his colleagues, Vishnu further increases his strength.

The major threat for him is a cyber crime criminal, a software engineer Harsha (Vishwa Karna). Harsha is such a talented criminal that no one can imagine. He is a womanizer. He wants to lead an aristocratic life by blackmail. For these cyber crimes Vishnu is also trapped and all sources of Vishnu are in control of Harsha that obviously irks Vishnu.

Now the cop has to overpower the criminal at his heights. What happens to Vishnu when this cyber criminal Harsha enters his house because his sister is caught with Harsha tactics.

How Vishnu over smart Harsha in his further activities is the interesting part of the film that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Ramesh Aravind as director and actor won laurels for his neat and tidy performance. Action scenes for him are something unimaginable.

Rachita Ram as sister of Ramesh Aravind has emoted well and she is lively at the home circle situations. Purna as wife of Ramesh Aravind is apt. Prakash Belwadi is a precise choice. Ravi Bhat, Shobaraj, Raju Thalikote and Malathi Sudhir give good support.

The pick of this film is Vishwa Karna as a cyber criminal. He has a strong future ahead. His height, acting, looks are tremendous.

Sathya Hegde cinematography is another top class addition to this film. Ravi Basrur`s two songs and background score is spectacular.

100 is a film that you have to watch 100 percent! 

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