Posted date: 24/June/2009

Time and again lots of raids are done and culprits are off the hook. It was films and audio all these days but the one discovered yesterday from Chintamani and Mysore is something unique.

For just Rs.20 you get 1038 Kannada films songs and this is DVD MP4 available on pullers in as many as 50 places. Till the un-released ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ the songs are in tact in this MP4 is what irks the audio houses.

Anand Audio Mohan Chabbria tracing this yesterday bought it for Rs.20 the MP4 containing 1038 songs along with many Kannada and non Kannada film VCDs. The Kannada film Thakkath, Dubai Babu and Kannadadha Kiran Bedi is available for Rs.30 in one VCD. The value of all the three big films put together is roughly Rs.15 crores.

In pensive mood Anand Audio Mohan Chabbria came to the inaugural function of Hamsalekha College of Performing Arts on Tuesday morning to meet the Karnataka chief minister B.S.Yediyurappa to place it before him and get some remedy on the spot. For this activity even Hamsalekha also agreed but the chief minister did not turn up. Mohan Chabbria went back with lot of displeasure.

The Karnataka chief minister BSY order for strict action by the police to curb the piracy that is enough says Mohan Chabbria of Anand Audio. The new discovery he made at two places in Mysore and Chintamani he found nearly 50 pullers taking the pirated VCD’s like vegetable in day light with no fear.

Mohan Chabbria met the KFCC President Dr.Jayamala on Monday to explain the situation and obviously Dr.Jayamala was baffled with 1038 songs available at just Rs.20. She was sweating in the AC room when the top films pirated.

The piracy operators are super fast in their activity that would definitely lead to a big problem of satellite rights of Kannada films. Now the private satellite channels are offering anywhere between Rs.40 lakhs to Rs.1.20 crore for new Kannada films. It would dip down if the rate of piracy is so fast observes Mohan Chabbria. The boom what the Kannada films are getting from private satellite channels would be temporary he fears.

In the Hindi market the Hrithik Roshan film that was available for crores is not bought even for Rs.40 lakhs.

Yelee Eddeli Kannada cinema producers to weed out piracy!

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