Posted date: 8/January/2009

Once again the appreciation and blessings for ‘MMM’ Kannada film of producer Soundarya Jagadish has come spontaneously. On the 25th day running of the film ‘Masth Maja Maadi’ producer Jagadish welcomed the media at The Bell Hotel for a get together party and explained the success given by people of Karnataka and media is fabulous he said. There is nothing that match for the encouragement. I am seeing the happiness what customers have seen after occupying the 50 plus apartments have seen in the audience face says Jagadish aptly synchronizing his two professions. He thanked Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar and other producers coming to help to get three shows of ‘MMM’ in PVR cinema.

Soundarya Jagadish has also calls from abroad for the screening of ‘MMM’. They are ready to give print cost but Jagadish is worried about the piracy that is sure to take place in such cases.

Hard work only does not pay today. Luck is also very important. Jagadish has that luck and he has the attitude. It is difficult to get 13 heroines with Uppiji for a song and complete it in four days. He has done it and I appreciate him said Sudeep in his first address of ‘MMM’ film. I have worked for only eight days and I did not have the time to sit on the chair. That is the caliber of director Ananthraju disclosed Sudeep.

Sudeep has rain of applaud for Vijay Raghavendra who was sitting next to him. He is an excellent dancer and a knowledgeable person. He needs luck and those who wait would definitely get it said Sudeep. On his observation of ‘MMM’ he said laugh is liked by everyone. That will be always a part of the success. There are some extra ordinary comedy sense artists in the film ‘MMM’ added Sudeep.

‘Nana Naik’ episode was evoking laughter in the beginning of shoot and it is enjoyed by the audience who have not seen once but several times said the new Pappa Vijaya Raghavendra.

Director Anantharaju, dance director Tribhuvan and Ramnarayan also spoke at the get together party.

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