Posted date: 09 Mon, Aug 2021 09:43:17 AM
Although the story for this film ‘5D’ is lent by Ravi, the screenplay, directed by S Narayan, is his 50th film. This also happens to be ‘Deadly Soma’ Adhitya 25th film. 5 Dimension lead by S Narayan completing shooting came before the media to explain the experiences. None of the 20 plus speakers divulged content of the film. That is also the discipline of the S Narayan team. For this film S Narayan`s son Pankaj has taken extra care and it is his wish to take his father in a different kind of direction and set a benchmark.

The film ‘5D’ is a joint venture production of Swathi Kumar and S Narayan. The first look gathers very good attention.

The handsome actor Adhitya speaking on his 25th film disclosed that his dream is to act in the role of the director S Narayan. I have been watching Narayanji since the time of Kothigalu saar Kothigalu. I was wondering when I would get a chance to work with him. I had complete happiness in his workmanship. We started the film last year August 5 and this year August 4 the film is ready despite the Corona pandemic. I have just followed the footsteps shown by S Narayan and added Adhitya in his address.

The most happening actress with a dozen films on hand Adhiti Prabhudeva disclosed that this team is wonderful to work with. Normally I detach from the team after shoot. It was not so here. That is the first Vaav factor. I had not seen a neat and clean scene paper. I found it in S Narayan camp. It is a Muddaada super experience. One song shows the peak of love while the other one brings tears in your eyes, says Adhiti.

Director S Narayan in his 50th film has attempted something different. It is the story of Ravi and it was his choice first to rope in Adhitya. My son Pankaj felt something unusual. Let us all do it he said made me get into my systematic approach stated S Narayan. He thanked the team immensely for their contribution. I had seen the aim in the eyes of all actors to give best.

S Narayan inviting PRO Babu on the stage recalled that this PRO worked with senior PRO Nagendra and he suggested two heroes consulting producer Kumar. One of the heroes said S Narayan had forgotten direction, Let him come and narrate story…the beginning was bad. I don`t concentrate at work, stated S Narayan. I had not selected Adhitya. When it was decided, I telephoned his father but Adhitya called back and inquired. He did not put any conditions, remembered S Narayan. For this film, shooting also started at 7 am. In this film industry, Nambike is very important, pointed S Narayan.

The other team members of 5D, producer Kumar, Jyothi Rai, cinematographer Kumar, dance director Malur Srinivas, Raghavendra, Associate director Pankaj, Shankarappa, Prasanna, Rajesh Ram, Akash, Ravikumar and others spoke at the media briefing of ‘1 to 100’ production house. 
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