Posted date: 5/February/2011

While all roads in Bengaluru today lead to National College Basavanagudi for participation in the ‘77th Akila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana’ the roads from Freedom Park was special because the film stars left for the prestigious event of every Kannadiga.
www.chitratara.com R Manohar editor and news photographer walked more than five kilometers to cover the event of Kannada filmdom. This is the exclusive coverage of this popular cinema portal.
After garlanding the founder of Bendha Kaluru….Bengaluru Kempe gowda in front of the City Corporation circle the President of 77th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana Prof G Venkatasubbaiah on a chariot looked like ‘Geethopadesha’ of the Mahabharatha the procession moved to National College grounds. The chariot with all Jnanapeeth award winner photo and tableau with a fort like moved in a slow and steady way.
At the rendezvous of three days All India Kannada Sahtiya Sammelana 77 ladies with Poorna Kumba, 77 boys with Kannada flag, police band and 33 artist’s team received the President of Kannada Sahitya Sammelana Prof G Venkatasubbaiah the 98 years admirable personality.
The Kannada cinema industry lead by KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil, Ashok, Sa Ra Govindu, Upendra, Ramesh Bhat, Hamsalekha, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Ganesh, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Vijay, Jayanthi, Prem, BV Radha, Rangayana Raghu, Rockline Venkatesh, Shanker Bhat, Sunder Raj, Bullet Prakash, Naveen Krishna, Biradar and others joined the procession.
Super power star Puneeth Rajakumar in his address stated that the support of Kannada cinema industry will be permanent for Kannada language. Very often this type of festival of Kannada should take place he opined.
Golden star Ganesh pointing to Kannada language seen and heard less in Bangalore said without literature there cannot be cinema. This is all Kannadigas ‘Habba’ said Ganesh.
Rockline Ventakesh - Kannada is losing its strength but it should not happen. This kind of Sammelana light up the courage and we Kannadigas should have admiration always.
Ashok – The Kannada Sahitya Sammelana festival after 40 years in Bangalore has huge attendance from the Kannada cinema industry as there was formal invitation. Kannada cinema industry should go hand in hand with literature of Kannada. We in the cinema industry should make films that are watched by the entire family. Firstly we should give respect to Kannada like how others give felt Ashok.
The first day attendance of 77th All India Kannada Sahitya Sammelana had the presence of over 75000 people.

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