Posted date: 14/November/2010

The tale of a mother trials and tribulations – Ella Ammaninda….Ammanigagi Ella…adhre Yavudhi Ammanige Sikkuvudilla….in a nut shell is all about ‘Amma Ninagaagi’ television serial that boast of good star cast such as Umasri, Ramesh Bhat, Srinivasa Prabhu, Dilipraj, Madhuri, Manju Bashini and others.

The mother Rohini (Umasri) accepting Kadambari born to her husband another wife creates ripples in the family…it continues to a mega serial in the direction of Srinivas Sanklapur. The initial episodes of this televisions serial was directed by Srinivas Sidlaghatta director of ‘Baaji’ Kannada film.

Ramesh Bhat the recent Rajyotsava award winner says in this television serial everything belongs to Amma. Working in the mega television serial of producer Gunashekar Bhat has seen loyalty and discipline in work besides the love extended. It is all these three factors get good results he mentioned.

Srinivasa Prabhu ace actor and director too on stage and television dubbing artists in Kannada cinema the characters getting pretty good prominence and dialogues are extremely good. For any actor the rhythm of acting he gets it is easy.

Latha is another daughter in the television serial for Umasri agreed to what Madhuri and Manju Bashini have told. For me the main temptation is Umasri Madam to accept this television serial stated Manju Bashini.

Chitra the top playback singer has sung the title song written by Ramanarayan while Mohanraj has scored the music. This is Vaishnavi Productions mega television serial.

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