Posted date: 13/June/2009

The two months ago report published in Chitratara.com has now materialized. States theatre on the hustle and bustle Kempe Gowda Road would be renames as Bhoomika this website has written turns true.

On Friday evening at 5 pm the prestigious theatre States getting the new name Bhoomika was confirmed by industrialist and exhibitor Tallam Nanjunda Shetty in the presence of bigwigs like Dr.Jayamala, KCN Chandrasekahr, Rockline Venkatesh, TS Nagabharana, Sa.Ra.Govindu and Thomas D Souza.

Tallam Nanjunda Shetty has offered Rs.1 lakh less as weekly rent when compared to adjacent theatres. He has also announced the cutting down of ticket prices by Rs.10 to A and B class in the Bhoomika theatre. For 300 balconies it will be Rs.50 and for 600 middle class seats it will be Rs.40.

The first beneficiary of Bhoomika theatre is Rockline Venkatesh. On 19th June 2009 the film ‘Yodha’ starring Darshan, Nikitha directed by N Omprakash Rao will be screened in this theatre.

States theatre that is Bhoomika from 19th June has a history of 67 years. It was in the net of War leaders for a few years when it was started in 1942. The World War II was in progress when this theatre was constructed. In the captivity for some time later States theatre shifted to many hands. From 1982 the States theatre came to the hands of Tallam Nanjunda Shetty.

Dr Jayamala explained the necessity of theatre owner maintaining the theatre instead of handing it over for lease. The veteran KCN lauded the courage in Talla, Thomas D Souza highlighted the dedication and interest in Tallam. Sa.Ra.Govindu urged Tallam to keep the new Bhoomika theatre for Kannada films on all the 365 days. Rockline Venkatesh the first beneficiary of Bhoomika theatre was also present at the media address on Friday evening.

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