Posted date: 25/February/2011

The film ‘Cottonpet’ thought on Monday is launched on Thursday. That is director N Omprakash Rao confidence. Once again he is making a remix cinema not a remake or a straight cinema. So a film he can think overnight and launch. There are people to follow his ideals. For ‘Kalasipalya’ he thought on 9th and launched on 11th! That was a super hit remix cinema.
‘Cottonpet’ was launched on Thursday morning with Aditya as hero at Laldas Sri Venkataramana temple and as usual N Omprakash film means there is no dearth for guests.
After ‘Narasimha’ that went to cold storage since three years Rao was thinking of a film to Aditya and that has happened again. 50 days shoot will be held in Bangalore and 10 days in it will be in Hosur. The heroine hails from Hosur and most probably it is Nikitha opposite Aditya. There will be 20 percent of Tamil language in this Kannada movie. There are five action scenes in this pukka commercial entertainer. This will be an entertainer like ‘Kalasipalya’ says Rao. He is going abroad for two songs shooting.
Rao has seen people admiring their place very much. That is the reason to keep the title ‘Cottonpet’ and it happens to be the boundary of producer BS Sudheendra.
Director Rao is my favorite. I would ask the story or get any explanation so much of confidence I have on him stated handsome actor Aditya addressing the media. When the media passed a question whether it will not be a wrong to accept films like this Aditya said a thread has been told. What is pre and post interval has been explained. At this point of time Rao stated I have 60 percent ready in my head and complete remaining portions for the film on paper in a week time.
Comedy actor Bullet Prakash also spoke like Aditya. I am sitting today only because of Om Prakash Rao. Let him call at anytime I will cancel all my assignments and come to his film stated Bullet.
Abhiman Roy is the music director and Veenus Murthy is the cameraman.

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