Posted date: 22/September/2010

From the two weeks of box office reports Ashwini Ramprasad and Krishnaprasad are smiling from ‘Jothegara’. The first week collected 1.2 crores in which 70 lakhs plus is producer share and the second week the trend continues. The television right for the film was sold for Rs.81 lakhs long ago disclosed Ramprasad who is slowly relieving his tensions.

The reports in the 45 theatres of ‘Jothegara’ is steady and it is on the winning streak says Ramprasad. The family audience is increasing from day to day. We have released it late is the only mistake. We have distributed on our own is another additional bonus. The Kushi and Responsibility has increased mentioned Ramprasad.

Asked why director Sigamani did not turn up Ramprasad said he is busy in Chennai interviewing actress Lakshmi for that two cameras have gone from here to get her opinions on the success of ‘Jothegara’. Dialogue writer Nanjunda mentioned the reason of Sigamani busy in directing a Tamil film ‘Ayannur’.

However Nanjunda known for dashing statements said despite of clashes the good intentions of giving good cinema in Ramprasad is appreciable. I have seen twenty plus productions houses and this is one banner that gives prominence to writers and script first lauded Nanjunda. The film making is no doubt a team effort and the team discussing the cinema on how it should be is important. In that case Ramprasad was decisive that the thoughts should be put before the audience in a perfect style. Ramprasad instead of searching the hero is behind the good script first is notable aspect today said Nanjunda.

Lovely star Premkumar expressed Kushi and Bhaya was in him at the beginning. His Kushi was for film release and secondly Bhaya because since one year he had no release. He had seen the amazing crowd in many parts. Especially in Mandya his shirt was torn moving with the crowd. Prem lauded the media for absolute support. The combination, music, dialogues have all worked out is learnt from the audience response mentioned Prem.

17 couples were arranged a special show of ‘Jothegara’ to get the responses. They have liked the aspect of ‘Arranged Love marriage’ suggested in the cinema. Ramya’s dashing statements and Ayyo Paapa Prem was also talked about aspects. Premkumar fans in Gulbarga have organized the motorbike chalo to the theatre to watch the film. In Mandya the fans of Prem carried him on their shoulders expressing happiness. Whatever happened wrong to this film should not have happened. I have liked the passion of Ramprasad. He is doing good publicity to the film said Prem. Prem is traveling Hubli, Shimoga and other places in the coming week for the promotional activities.

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