Posted date: 29/April/2011

‘Simply Kailawesome’ a 45 minutes 18 seconds short play based on the novel penned by veteran AS Murthy – ‘Typical Arathi’ directed and acted in it by MG Srinivas bagged the ‘Platinum Best film’ at the 44th Annual World Festival, Hoston Independent International film festival held from 8th April to 17th April 2011. The prestigious ‘Remi Award’ has come to SV Babu Productions ‘Simply Kailawesome’.
The Remi Award is inspired by the creative genius of the great western artist Frederic Remington, famous for his paintings and sculptures of cowboy life in Texas and The West.
The Special Jury Awards are Grand Remi Nominees; they are the highest awards for creative excellence in each major category. Then come the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Remi Awards are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in each sub-category.
There are ten major competition categories that can win the Remi Award. World Fest receives a total of more than 4,500 category entries in all ten categories and only about 15% of the entries go on to win the Remi Award.
Noted producer of Kannada cinema SV Babu always at encouraging mood to the new talent is now with another project in SV Babu Productions. This is not a full length feature film but 45 minutes 18 seconds short film on the one and only Kailasam = Kannadakkobane Kailasam. This is based on the play written by respected AS Murthy ‘Typical Arathi’. The beauty is the delivery of dialogues in the typical style of Kailasam what is seen in 20 plus plays which TPK has written after reaching India from London in the life of his 60 years. TPK died in 1946 and awesome style and looking at the society is dominant in this short film of MG Srinivas.
MG Srinivas who has acted in three Kannada films studied acting in Abhinaya Tharanga a youngster with energy ‘Sreenu’ has made every ‘Seenu’ look near to perfection. The plays of Sathu Patu, Gandaskatri, Soole, Tollu Gatti, Home Roolu are the concentration Srinivas has made in this short film. The narration of it and as if Kailasam speaking to the audience in style is adorable.
Srinagara Kitty has given the voice over at places added further value for this short play.

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