Posted date: 25/January/2011

The famous comedy hero of Kannada cinema Komalkumar has immensely loved his baby ‘Kal Manja’ investing a few crores. The film releasing in the first week of February will be first film production or last film production says Komalkumar. He is crossing his fingers. It should win there is enough of material for children to aged people. There is a small love story. It is a two hours cinema. I am considered wrong which I will not know it.
Had the film ‘Vaarevah’ got released at the right time I would have been safe. It is not helping me in this film release frankly admitted Komalkumar. Out of fear or anatomic problem I am not able to speak today Komalkumar consumed water. People told me more than one crore satellite right would come to your film do the film restricting to that budget. I I did not budge on my budget!
Komalkumar is putting up 117 hoardings and utilizing a vehicle for the awareness of the film for publicity. We have made this remake and 80000 lengths we have shot. For two hours cinema distributor N Kuamr is releasing in enough of theatres.
Emil has come back to music direction after two years says the project is very good and entertaining for the people.
Ramesh Prabhakaran is the screenplay and director of this Malayalam film remake. Anusooya Komalkumar is the producer. Emil has scored the music and T.Kaviyarasu is the cameraman.
Komalkumar is paired with Naynthara, Aishwaraya Nag as heroines.

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