Posted date: 11/August/2008

The short build comedy actor on Kannada screen Pawan Kumar with 30 films to his credit is turning independent director of ‘Mumbelagu’ mega television serial. ‘Mumbelagu’ has the story, guidance and creative support from high ranking badshah of television field director T.N.Seetharam. It is because of the contract T.N.Seetharam has signed with ETV Kannada he is not taking up this venture he agreed on Monday morning addressing the media at KSCA Club. Come December T.N.Seetharam is taking up another feature film for direction. I am only advising what the right route is for director Pawan Kumar who worked as my assistant in my camp said TNS and congratulated the Kasthuri Kannada channel the first Kannadiga channel for speedy growth.

‘Mumbelagu’ will be on air from 18th of this month from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm in Kasthuri Kannada channel. The mega television serial surrounds around Chinmayee daughter of Minister Chidananda Raju, Prashanth Raju the multi millionaire, Nanjunda Murthy who is restricted to four walls, mother Lalitha and son Vishwanatha Murthy, the elder brother of Lalitha the highly orthodox Ravi Shanker Sharma with a daughter Chaitra who is ill fated as her fiancé Ranganath dies in a road accident. A series of questions in life of Chaitra, how does Rananath death occurred, the future of Sharma life, the Chinmayee, Lakshmi and Vishwa triangle tangle, who wins between Malathi and Chinmayee fall out in nearly 300 plus episodes says Pawan Kumar. He has shot already 40 episodes and roped some of the talented artists like Padma Kumuta, Vidya Murthy, Sushma Bharadwaj, Malathi Sardeshpande, Nandini, Shilpa Rudrappa, Shrshika, Shwetha, Rajesh, Krishna Adiga, Lamboo Nagesh, Kitty, Nagaraja Murthy, Poornachandra Tejaswi in the cast.

Out of the eight scripts Kasthuri Channel has finally accepted ‘Mumbelagu’. On this subject for the initial draw TNS has worked for four months says CEO of Kasthri Kannada channel Mr Balaji. Pravin Godkindi has scored the music for M.N.Vyasa Rao lyric for which Sangeetha Katti has lent her voice.

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