Posted date: 28/September/2008

This time art director par excellence who turned director from ‘Kurunadu’ is not touching on his mentor G.V.Iyer’s ‘Adhi Shankara’ Sanskrit film but touching only the name to make a quasi art and quasi commercial cinema to tell the youth the importance of COW. The mother of milk! The cow milk is universal and in all caste, religion and country it is used. The derivation from it is also useful for many by products.

If you put the costliest metals it would not give returns but the cow dung used for agricultural purposes gives results. That is the height of importance. Ittare Saganiyadhe Suttidhare Budhiyadhe Haneya Vibhuthiyaade….goes the popular song and the ‘Punyakoti’ song is very popular in Karnataka.

Perhaps this is for the first time the cow is taken as the central subject for a film. The title of this film is called ‘Shankaracharya’ a priest name. He is the protector of cows. Gomathe is everything for him. He is good to everyone and God gives him good returns. In one such praying he does for a Muslim family they are blessed with good fortunes. The Muslim community donates a cow and calf to him that becomes a part of his huge cow family.

The inspiration for Murthy to make this film is Ramachandrapura Math of Hosanagar Taluk and Sri Raghavehswara Swamiji. He has spoken the real life protector of more than 100000 cows and narrated his subject. In a place called Nilavara on 25 acres Murthy is shooting the portions related to cows. Sri Raghaveshwara Swamiji is also appearing in a small role in the film.

Sharat Babu the prominent south Indian actor is playing the title role in ‘Shankaracharya’. The Brahmin charm and his glowing looks are very important for the subject of this film. He has agreed to give 25 days call sheet for the film after hearing the subject informed Murthy who is starting the film from 8th of October 2008. PKH Das is the cameraman and Pravin Godkindi a specialist in flute scores the music.

Sri Vidyabhushan is rendering five shlokas for this film and five songs are also part of this film. Bannanje Govindacharaya the philosopher and authority on Madhwa philosophy has written lyrics for the song.

Amarnath Hegde of Kolakebailu family a civil engineer is constructing first cinema with Srinivasa Sooda who made two films in the past Athimadhura Anuraga and Hendthi Andhre Heegirabeku.

Director Murthy has collected some of the real life incidents for this film contents. Nothing is controversial but definitely in the commercial format it will be an eye opener he says with confidence.

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