Posted date: 3/August/2008

Just a sign ‘…,’ is the title of Mr Swamy’s first venture in Kannada that is a film with only one dialogue in the film. This is what called history repeats. The cinema history dates back to silent films and now in the advancement of technology in the 21st century we are going backwards. Swamy’s debut aimed at Rs.65 to 70 lakhs budget from Mr Ramesh as producer is going on the floor on 7th of August 2008. There is not even lip movement in this film. Pravin D Rao is scoring music for 30 seconds 10 stage songs that is once again will not be having lyrics.

We had ‘Pushpaka Vimana’, ‘Parusha’ and ‘Mirror’ silent movies in Kannada after switching over to talkie in 1934. This is a natural love story film where a famous television actor and popular Kannada girl will be playing lead with supporting artists like Master Hirannaiah, Srinath, Thara, Padma Vasanthi, Kaminidharan, Chandrasekhara Hiremath and others are in the cast. The shooting of this film will be held in Mysore and Bangalore in 25 days.

I assure the return of investment of this film for producer Ramesh who is in the construction business. I am giving honorarium for all artists and using my 18 years contact. I have worked in Udaya, ETV and Zee TV channels and now venturing in my first direction. The sing ‘…,’ why is it so will be put out for a contest and the one who gives correct judgment will be given prize.

To save the time and money for the producer of this commercial venture the shooting will be held in the serial speed says director Swamy.

The one line statement in this film will be from a top personality. The Guinness World Record has already sent a message stating that one statement in the film throughout has not been attempted.

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