Posted date: 15/September/2008

Fortunately Ajay has not fallen in to the trap of unconvincing, inconsequential films at the early part of his career. He had a sagging image for one year with six failures. Suddenly ‘Taj Mahal’ got constructed. While it is a burial ground for the Begum by Shahajahan that spoke about the height of love in the early 1630, this Taj Mahal Kannada cinema is a big crown for actor Ajay Rao and made the life for a few newcomers.

Ajay Rao finding no fruits in the last six films has suddenly found ‘Taj Mahal’ as a successful film. He has three offers, got back his fond memories of success in the beginning days, the respect has come back to him, he has not been able to give dates, seen seven digit remuneration and his date and rate is working out. From Rs.6 lakhs he has gone three times more. Producers are queued up in front of his house with advance. To avoid them Ajay is telling them higher remuneration.

At the get together part on the occasion of 50 days of Taj Mahal Ajay Rao friends, Mohan, Pranesh, Kiran, Aryan, Jitendra and others have crowned him ‘Rocking Star’. His friends have formed ‘Clap Boys Crew’ – CBC.

With the same director R.Chandru this gentle hero Ajay Rao is working in ‘Prem Kahani’ the titles of Jayanna films by director Anantharju is yet to get a title. Ajay has thought of new plans to not to see the failures in his life. He only says this attitude should not be considered as interference but considered as involvement in the success of the film for which I am having meeting with the crew of my films.

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