Posted date: 25/June/2010

The birthday man of 59 years Hamsalekha the Karnataka’s pride music director and effervescent lyricist had a fantastic day on Wednesday at Yashodhara Hall.

Hamsalekha birthday coincided with the first year completion of DPA and BPA students of Hamsalekha Desi College and completion of the first film ‘Bhagavathi Kaadu’ from Hamsalekha Images Private Limited.

The Pattadha Kunitha, Somana Kunitha and Karaga was the enactment for the invocation song Chellidharo Malligeya… at the well attended gathering.

‘Badhuku Mallige Challabeku’ and democratic minds want only this said Hamsalekha and remembered Mahatma Gahdiji. Even the weak should become strong was thought by Gandhiji Hamsa referred. He thanked Ne La Narendra Babu for his green sense.

On this occasion Hamsalekha announced that his film factory would produce four off beat and four commercial films. The students of Hamsalekha Desi College that is affiliated to Dravidian University will also take part in the film like how they did in ‘Bhagavathi Kaadu’.

Director Shivarudraiah feeling happy and relieved for a good subject transformed on silver screen thanked the people of Mariyammanahalli as 200 children and 150 elders took part in the film traveling one kilometer. The dedication, honesty and sincerity I emphasized in life was met by Hamsalekhe Images Private Limited says Shivarudraiah.

MLA Ne La Narendra Babu released the ‘Desi Samskrithi’ magazine that is brought out once in two months on this occasion. Narendra Babu lauded the learning, gaining confidence concept of HIPL.

Prof SG Siddaramaiah, Basavalingaiah, Jayaprakash, Alankar, Dr KY Narayan were also present at the triple functions on Wednesday.

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