Posted date: 29/January/2009

It was a very good appreciation for Premier Production maiden venture in Kannada ‘Anjadhiru’ from the speakers at the audio launch of the film. The effort of the first time producer Krishne Gowda the veteran actor and his young and vibrant Muralidhar doing great job obviously deserved good appreciation.

On Wednesday at the audio CD release function the veteran actor, producer and director Dwarakish wished that he wants to hear the news of only houseful board for ‘Anjadhiru’. I have acted in the actor’s film as an actor. I was impressed with Muralidhar nature of approach and working pattern. Dwarakish rarely accepts the role was compelled to act in this film because the respect he has for his colleague Krishne Gowda. He had seen the original of this film and liked the villain role for the song portion in the film. It is after 40 years (in 1968 he played villain in ‘Gandhinagara’ Kannada film) Dwarakish plays villain role in Kannada.

Acting and producing the film Muralidhar son of actor Krishne Gowda lauded his team member effort and sincerity. In 38 days he has shot for the film and the film is at the DTS mixing stage now. The respect my father earned in the industry and the media writing good about my father and our film moved me and made me more responsible said Muralidhar. He thanked the magnanimity of actor Avinash and cool temperament of actress Shuba Punj as she was right at the time of shooting even in a remote place like Chikkade where climax was shot.

The commitment and care of the producer Muralidhar is needed today from all producers said director of ‘Anjadhiru’ Janardhan. He has given everything wanted for the film. He will definitely be a good producer in the coming days in Kannada filmdom said Janardhan.

Music director Sundar C. Babu hopes that the songs scored by him will be liked. Thangali Nagaraj who has written five songs for this film explained the contents of it remembering the lines of the songs.

Looking glamorous from her out fits actress Shuba Punj present at the audio released wished the film will do well as it contains good story. I would be disliked by the people after seeing this film ‘Anjadhiru’ said Adhi Lokesh.

The respected actor Krishne Gowda was as humble as ever in his address said acting is easy but producing a film is very difficult. It calls for tension and like a delivery of a child he felt.

Naveen of Swarna Audio has released the album to the market.

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